RX-93 Nu Gundam

Nu Gundam is an older MG model, released in 2000 (MG#34), but is by no means a bad model. It far surpasses it’s opposite, the Sazabi, in terms of articulation and design. My first encounter with it (Like Z) was in the Gundam Battle Assualt game for the PSX, where I was constantly WTFing at it’s lack of a special move. Anyway…

Nu Gundam has an average number of runners and has fairly simplistic construction. The main feature of this model is the die cast parts included for the ankles and groin sections, adding needed stability to the Nu Gundam so it doesn’t fall over from the weight of it’s own funnels. The fin funnels mounted on the back of the mobile suit actually manage to weigh enough to tilt the suit backwards (the upper torso leans back, though the rest of the Gundam is unaffected).

For this model, I found the default blue-ish color of the parts that were supposed to be black to be rather offputting so I sprung for a metallic black to replace them. As the first model that got the spraypainting treatment, I think I didn’t coat the parts for the chest well enough as it’s tougher to tell how dark the black is. Perhaps sometime I’ll go back and coat them over, but for now this is well enough. I also used gold leaf for the yellow parts and the edge of the funnels, but trying to line the small marks turned out less than stellar. orz

First off, this thing is BIG. Not as big as the Sazabi, but it comes close to the Sinanju’s height (it’s taller than Hi-Nu! I guess finishing the mobile suit yielded smaller parts?). The size works in it’s advantage though since the makes the model nice and solid. Also helping add to the models weight and stability are the die-cast parts. Construction is pretty easy, there aren’t really any special gimmicks or tricky bits that might throw you off or trip you up while building. One you finish slapping everything together, you wind up with one solid Nu Gundam. While it’s not as massive of the Sazabi, it’s got much more going for it in terms of articulation and ability to look good, while the Sazabi looks best standing there looking intimidating. Nu Gundam is able to pull off a variet of poses thanks to a much more streamlined design.

The solid aspect of this model goes to every aspect of it- the hands, while lacking the 2.0 or even later-MG peg slots, have no issue maintaining a firm grip on the weapons and are able to do plenty with them. Speaking of the weapons for Nu Gundam, they’re the same old UC deal…

Beam Rifle

Hyper Bazooka (The same one the Hi-Nu uses, just in different colors)-

Beam Sabers-

The beam sabers do get some special mention, being a little different. The main one, stored in the cylinder on the back has a tiny bit that protrudes from the handle (all I can think of is a pirate sword, but this is far from the crossbone) and looks a tad different then your standard UC beam saber thanks to the hand guard. The other one is mounted on the left wrist, being slightly larger in size. Both of these carried over to the finished Hi-Nu, the double ended beam saber being improved further!

The model also has the signature funnels mounted on the back, but with no special bits to display them like the much-more celebrated (and recent) Hi-Nu they don’t do much except for sit there. Nothing very bad about them, though I might suggest painting the yellow bits for the ends of the funnels instead of using the stickers.

Overall, there aren’t really any cons to this model. It’s age is apparent, though this does nothing to detract from how good it looks in both action and linear poses. It’s got solid construction and while it’s not bursting with detail like the Gundam Ver. OYW, it’s got enough going on that looking at it doesn’t put you to sleep. Compared to other master grades released in it’s time (Ez8, Zaku I) Nu Gundam is far ahead of it’s time in most key areas and honestly, it’s kind of tough to think of anything that’s really wrong with this model. While the Hi-Nu is certainly packed with more goodies, the Nu Gundam still stands on it’s own as a nice MG kit if the prototype version of Amuro’s final suit is more to your liking than the finished version.

  1. #1 by chubbybots on August 9, 2009 - 00:49

    Heh nice reivew mate. If you have a choice will you pick the 1/144 version or MG version? For me i find the MG Nu a bit bulky for my taste haha. Prefer the 1/144 for the better looking frame. Considering when this kit was launched, i think it was awesome for its time. Just my 2 cents ^^

  2. #2 by Ahya on August 13, 2009 - 20:54

    Hey I know this has nothing to do with Gunpla but,In Gundam Battle Assault(Battle Master), The Nu-Gundam was a good MS. Juss gotta learn how to play him, his fin funnels in game are indestructable. So kneel and block and no beam weaponry will touch you.

    Nice MG by the way. c:

  3. #3 by lupes on August 13, 2009 - 23:48

    Chubby: I might still get the HG, I know bandai’s gunplas have come a long way since the MG Sazabi and Nu (V2, pl0x) just to compare them 😀

    Ahya: Yeah, Nu Gundam was pretty BA…I think I used Zeta/ZZ more though.

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