RG RX-78-2 [White Unicorn colors]

I got this kit ages upon ages ago and left it with a friend- however during the dry spell (plus, he didn’t have the time to build it) he let me build it since I had nothing else to work on. I’d already mostly built the RG Zaku II at this point so I knew what to expect going in to it, but the kit was still a very pleasant build. The kit being the first entry in the RG line shows however, as the legs in particular are a little on the fragile side. Additionally, the hands have a penchant for the fingers popping off while you’re trying to pose them. Otherwise, the kit is generally a solid build, sitting somewhere between the realm of the OYW and 2.0 MGs with a few of it’s own unique offerings.

Now, as most people could tell from the few pictures I posted, I did some light modification work to the kit itself. I wanted the kit to have a more Zeta Gundam feel to it, like this particular RX-78 was made after the original Gundam and given add-ons to make increase it’s mobility.

At the behest of Gundam Guy, I used Milliput putty (superfine white) to cover up the mouth vents and fill the chest cavity in. A little fancy and CAREFUL work with a hobbyknife to cut out the vents on the side of the head and the middle ones from the chest results in a more Zeta Gundam feel already. The chest isn’t perfectly flush, but sometimes you have to know when to leave well enough alone and not fidlding with what’s okay and make it worse. But it was still missing something.

That’s the ticket! A friend of mine suggested adding bits from my HGUC ReZEL that was sitting around and the end result was fantastic. I attached them to the RX-78-2’s backpack with superglue using the spot where the beam sabers connect as a point of reference. Even so, I managed to muck it up ever so slightly and one sits just a little bit higher than the other. Of course, the backack being so white would never do.

Enter the masking tape and pla-plate to cover up the holes in the top of the binders.

Crafty masking to really bring the White Unicorn colors home and AM thursters for that oversized extra oomph!

The finished product is definitely a very clear homage to the MSZ-006-3 Zeta Gundam, I think I managed to replicate facets of the Zeta Gundam’s color layout and look fairly well with the bit of extra work I did. I had intended to give it the ReZEL’s rifle as well, but in the end I decided it just didn’t fit well enough. The beam saber is one of my favorite parts about this kit, given that the kit is 1/144 scale but the saber is definitely from a 1/100 sized mold. The bazooka is nice and even has the swinging handle found in some MG releases today but thanks to the additional size the ReZEL binders add the kit has a really hard time shouldering it. As an extra little bonus, when I put the ReZEL binders where I did I thought I’d be losing the beam saber racks but as it turns out the shield on the RG Gundam has it’s own spots to put the beam sabers so I can still have them attached to the kit. The bazooka’s mount on the back is a total wash, but I figured that would be the case anyhow.

Fragility issues aside (and they’re minor), this kit is an excellent example of many of the things that make the RG line so great. Excellent detail, outstanding articulation and a nice >2000 yen price point. Definitely worth the money if you’re looking for the best possible 1/144 RX-78-2.

  1. #1 by Rodrigo R. on June 21, 2012 - 20:58

    This looks fantastic. It’s definitely one of your best jobs so far in my opinion.

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