ZGMF-X56S Sword Impulse Gundam

Let me start this off by saying I’ve not seen one episode of Gundam SEED Destiny and know absolutely nothing about this suit or it’s pilot, except that it has some AWESOME looking huge swords. That’s it. That and how sleek this model looks are the only grounds I bought it on.

A few things to note-

  • Used Tamiya TS-18 metallic red for the red parts
  • TS-40 metallic black for the black areas
  • X-14 gold leaf for the vents and v-fin
  • X-11 chroms ilver for the shoulder/waist bits

I almost painted the body with the pearl white color but wound up leaving it be for now…

This is the second gundam I’ve experimented on using spray paints and the end result is a great! Very pleased with how the Tamiya paint turned out, as usual.

Building Sword Impulse isn’t very hard (apparently taking decent pictures is). If you’ve built the Force Impulse then it’s the exact same thing, save for the silhouette. Something to make note of, some of the parts are a bit thin…as you can see the Impulse isn’t the biggest gundam on the block. Somewhere along the line I managed to jack up the hinge for the knee part and now it sits slightly popped up.

The Gundam is made up of the chest flyer, leg flyer, core splendor and sword silhouette. I didn’t bother with the leg/chest flyers, but the core splendor (which needs a little extra painting if you want to go for accuracy- I didn’t do the best job in the world though) deserve special note since they’re more than the top/bottom half of the gundam. The core splendor is actually the cockpit and reminds me slightly of the old core fighter from the rx-78-2, even docking in a similar fashion. Also something noteworthy, the Impulse comes with a part that allows it to use the Strike gundam’s striker packs!

I had originally planned to topcoat the model, but as you can see it absolutely ruins the way the red paint looks…so for now (read: until I get some semi-gloss or gloss topcoat) no topcoat for Impulse.

Topcoated or not, the finished kit is quite a looker. Impulse transitioned from anime to gunpla very well, with some awesome proportions and just the right amount of detail. The only thing to really nitpick about it’s looks is the old molding error from the Force Impulse kit that was carried over to this one since they’re mostly the same mold.

Weapon wise Sword Impulse has…well…swords. Honestly, that’s all I cared to build for it anyway (the beam rifle still sits on the runners, forgotten). Oddly enough, there are no traditional beam sabers, instead all of the weapons being tied to the silhouette. Obviously, the Excalibur anti-ship sowrds are held on the sides, and the wings of the silhouette also pop off to reveal beam-boomerang-tomahawk-kinda things. They’re cool, I’ll give them that. I suspect most people will prefer the giant swords, of course.

Being the main selling point of this model, I kind of feel like we got jipped a little bit. Yes, they’re really impressive and look very cool, but even with the different set of hands included to grip these gargantuan blades the wrists still fall short and can’t support the weight and have Sinanju Syndrome and droop when holding the weapons. Also, while being able to combine the swords is an awesome gimmick they’re so huge that it’s sort of hard to do a lot with it unless you get pretty creative…which at the time of posting this I was not feeling. Perhaps later I’ll get some inspiration and add some more pictures..?

There isn’t much else to say about this kit. It poses well and looks good in a linear pose so it’s certainly worth buying. It doesn’t have a lot of quirks about it aside from the wrist and the molding error (which I forget is even there sometimes). Only other thing I can really think to note is that the torso has a tendency to pop off if you try to get a bit too dramatic with your posing…

But a great kit for sure, for fans of giant swords and mech or both!

  1. #1 by ChroniK on September 9, 2010 - 06:00

    Awesome! thats what I like about Sword Impulse though! Big Swords and Mecha work perfectly!

  2. #2 by Paradox on October 31, 2010 - 10:54

    sword impulse is one of my next projects, what colour did you use for the blue? looks like a metallic midnight blue or something.


  3. #3 by Paradox on October 31, 2010 - 10:55

    woops forgot to hit “notify me”

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