XXXG-01W Wing Gundam Ver. Ka

Ah, my first Ver. Ka mobile suit…I have fond memories of this one. While getting in to gunpla managed to get me in to the UC timeline, prior to that I was all about AC-FC, only knowing a tiny bit about 0079 and the years that followed. In fact, the Gundam W 1/144 and 1/100 scale models where my very first gunpla kits, way back in 1999! Imagine my glee to find that Katoki did a Wing Gundam design and that it had been made in to a master grade kit! I had always preferred the Wing Gundam to the Wing Zero Custom (and the TV version of Wing Zero to the EW version, but I’ll likely never see an MG of either…along with the other GW suits), so this was an easy buy for me!

First things first, this model is short. While it’s in the same scale as every other MG release it still stands a head or more shorter than most of the other gundams out there. Not that it’s really a bad thing since I like the thin look this and the other Katoki GW suits had going on with them. Other thing to note is that this model is very bright and colorful, it’s definitely one of the more vibrant models that sit on my shelf.

Construction was very easy, taking only part of a day to finish up. No real gimmicks or annoying things like that going on here despite this being a transforming mobile suit. Actually, If you’ve built the MG Wing Zero a lot of the construction process will feel really familiar to you since everything except the wings and weapons are the same. The real hard part comes from applying all the stickers…and there are a lot of them. While I did my best, some of them are definitely uneven or absent due to the sticker falling off the knife-tip and disappearing forever. They do give the suit more depth but if  you’re planning on building this model (or any other Ver. Ka) I suggesting swinging by hobbywave and ordering a set of waterslide decals as they’ll save you a huge headache and look a lot better than stickers since you won’t have any garish edges sticking out.

Articulation is great as this is another model that doesn’t have a lot of complicated parts hanging off of it or bulky armor. The wings can sometimes make for some backheavy issues but they’ve got a fairly good range of motion as well!

The only major gripe I can think up for this is the hands. As you can see the Ver. Ka buster rifle is HUGE, taller than the actual suit by a head. This model came out before someone at Bandai thought “Hey, tabbed hands! This is a wonderful idea!” and as such it can’t really hold the rifle all that well (read: at all) unless you’re aiming it straight up or have it supported by the shield or arm. Add this to the fact that the hands have a shaky at best grip on anything, let alone the enormous rifle and you’re ready to have some frustrating times posing Wing with it’s trademark weapon.

All in all not a bad kit at all though, it’s simple weapon loadout suits it well enough, the massive rifle and a long curved beam saber (the same kind found with kits like the MG God Gundam, and Ver. OYW Gundam) are the only weapons and a stylish shield that attaches nicely to the forearm. Adding all the stickers to this kit to complete the “true” Ver. Ka look is bound to drive you insane but the end result is very well worth the effort.

  1. #1 by ChroniK on September 9, 2010 - 06:08

    Great Build! I think the Kit looks good. I’ll be sure to put this on my Wish list 😉

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