Armor Plus Rekka no Ryo [Power Up Version]

This figure was originally released back in 2009 as a standard release in the Armor Plus lineup. When Bandai revived the line last year they made the choice to rerelease the figure with a brighter ‘Power Up’ color to make it better match the other characters, plus give those who didn’t pick up the first release a shot at owning the main character.

The figure comes with a different head that the original didn’t have- but to be totally honest I can hardly see the difference between it and the original head. Other goodies are two Swords of Wildfire that you can combine with a part that I never took out of the box or you can just use the provided already-combined swords. Otherwise the figure has the same hands as the Armor of Inferno (or does the Armor of Inferno have the same hands as this? Either way.) so you know what you can expect there. Again, no crazy extras but it includes everything that you could reasonably want.

More of the same for the regular base figure for this. Honestly, there’s not much difference between the unarmored bodies aside from the heads and color of the armor. We’re here for the glorious Samurai armor anyway, aren’t we?

Being the “first” release, Wildfire comes with a solid amount more diecast wise than other figures have. This is both a good thing and a bad thing since all the weight added by the armor wears on the joints more than the other figures armor will. This is compounded further on my figure by the fact that the foot is slightly off kilter so it doesn’t sit exactly flat. Still, the new power up red has a great pop to it and looks a good deal better than the old dark red.

When you’re using the small scabbards, the swords that fit in there aren’t the full swords.

That’s more like it. If you bought the Kikoutei Rekka that figure comes with a different set of Swords of Wildifre, ones that you can sheath. Ultimately though I prefer to stick with the sheaths the figure comes with because they’re thinner and have a better look to them. The Swords of Wildfire look a little better than the Soul Swords of Fevor just based on the fact that the handles aren’t awkwardly sized but mine also have some rather ugly nubmarks on the back of them. Since they’r eon the back you can’t see them so this is a saving grace but knowing that they’re still there is still irritating.

Of course, the figure still poses like a champ just like the Kikoutei Rekka and does all of Ryo’s poses exceptionally well. For a lot of people, this is the figure to get for the Samurai Troopers line since it’s of the lead character and isn’t as expensive as the Kikoutei Rekka. As before though and as it is with the others your only option for getting this figure is to go through eBay, Mandarake and other secondhand stores. Regardless, if you’re looking for the lead character of the Ronin Warriors getting it is an easy choice.

  1. #1 by beamknight87 on July 13, 2012 - 14:08

    I deeply regret not buying this one when it first appeared as a regular release, even more so now that Bandai released all the other characters as freaking exclusives…
    The similarities with the Saint Cloth Myth figures are more than obvious. Regardless, seems like a pretty nice figure. Do you plan to get the rest of the characters?

  2. #2 by lupes on July 13, 2012 - 15:00

    Yup! I’ve actually got everyone they’ve released so far but taking pictures of them easily takes me about two hours each. Breaking up the APs with a different figure right now but it’s got a ton of stuff with it so it’s taking awhile.

    I definitely noticed the similarities between these and the Saint Seiya figures. Knowing how expensive they are (and how many you’ve gotten so far) both of our wallets are really feeling the hurt thanks to Bandai.

  3. #3 by beamknight87 on July 13, 2012 - 16:50

    Whoa, so you got all of them? The white armor was badass and from the regular guys the green one with the bigass sword was also really cool. Looking forward to those pics.

    As for our wallets, amen to that. The 70+ figures of Saint Seiya I have account for like 5k-6k bucks in total, probably more but I don’t want to even bother calculating how much I have spent on them since 2003.

    It’s even worse now that Bandai is releasing the new EX line which is basically a remake of the first Saint Cloth Myth releases and I suspect they will make the entire collection AGAIN. I don’t think I will be able to keep up anymore save for my favorite characters…

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