Armor Plus Tenkuu no Touma

The first release in Bandai’s revival of the Armor Plus Samurai Troopers was a big win for me since it turned out that it’d be my favorite Trooper. Rowen and Ryo wound up working as a team a lot through the middle and end of the show so it does make a good deal of sense to release the Power-Up Ryo alongside Rowen. Not to mention as far as armor goes his is pretty different than everyone elses.

The same general base body figure. Honestly, I’m really not going to review this over and over. Really. Add that to the fact that Rowen/Touma never got a full transformation sequence like the others you can bet I’m just going to show off the base figure and be done with it. A small downside that I’m sure some have noticed by now is that while in the show the characters had different heights and whatnot, they’ve all been regulated for the figures. This also means that it’s likely that when Shu/Kento comes out he won’t have his characteristic ‘stocky’ build. Of course they have to be the way they are to make sure the armor fits easily so that’s tough to criticize.

Touma comes with some of the more unique hands since he’s got the bow and arrow as his weapon. The head is also a little different thanks to Touma’s trademark bit of hair that hangs down over his face and through his helmet. The hair itself is also unique since as you can see it attaches at the top and isn’t split in to two parts like everyone else’s hair. As with other figures there’s a different part for the neck once the armor is attached to it to make sire the head maintains a good rage of motion.

The diecast for Touma is pretty comparable to Ryo’s though the overall weight of the figure doesn’t feel like it’s quite as much. The side skirts are different from everyone else’s in the sense that you don’t need the usual black side parts to attach them to the armor when it’s on the stand.

The armored figure looks outstanding just like the others!

The quirky part of Touma is the arrow-holding hand since it has a tendency to fall out of the spot where the back of the arrow fits in to. Posing with the bow in general can be a little tricky but it’s not too hard to work with. In any case if you’ve read any of the reviews for the other figures you know what to expect here. Touma is outstanding release and definitely one of the more unique Samurai Troopers with his weapon and armor and makes an excellent companion to the Rekka no Ryo he was released alongside.

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