D-Arts Zero [Type Two]

When D-Arts released the first Zero figure a lot of people I knew said they’d be holding off because they knew this version would be coming out sooner or later. This is definitely the de facto version of Zero that we know and love from the X series and a few fighting games (TvC and MvC) and was definitely more anticipated and more hotly received than Type One.

The one thing I noticed right away (even in promo shots) was that his saber was colored with a more blue tint, when it’s always been pretty starkly green in the games. This is hardly anything close to a big deal and is mostly just something that strikes me as odd.

Like every other D-Arts release in this line, Zero comes with everything this incarnation of him needs. While there’s no shot part for the Z-Buster you can use the ones from the other Zero, X and Full Armor X without any problems. All three of the saber’s hilts come apart like the middle one and while the two straight ones are interchangeable the handle for the slashing part has a bit of a longer end on it to support the added weight that comes with the increased size. While the faces included are pretty standard, if you’ve got the T1 Zero that gives you some extra expressions to work with which is always a nice thing. The hands are standard feature and as most of us probably figured, the thumbs up hands from Zero T1 are the saber-holding hands on this figure and it works well so no harm no foul there for reusing those hands.

All of the red reploid’s features are replicated with excellent detail, though I’ve heard of some people’s having messy paint apps. As such is the standard thing with mass produced figures you’re bound to have a few bad ones here and there. Thankfully my figure is among the ones that turned out okay. The joints have the same system as the other D-Arts Megaman X figures, with the arms and legs coming off at the knees and elbows. One of the most common complaints I see about this figure is that the arms fall off a lot when posing it and while they do fall off a bit easier than other D-Arts figures, this also shouldn’t count as a major detriment to the figure as you can just take the forearms off, pose the arms how you want and then put the forearm back on.

While the buster is nice, this Zero figure is defined by a different weapon:

The now-iconic Z-Saber!

The hands hold the weapon snugly so it doesn’t flop around or anything like that. Bandai definitely put forward thought in to this when they released Type One (because let’s face it, they knew Type Two was coming too) and the thumbs up hands work and look good. Now, with the amount of weight added by the slashing saber the arm quirks to the figure can be amplified a lot but again, it’s just easier to take the forearm off and pose it and then pop the swinging saber on last when you’re finished moving everything else.

Aside from the swinging saber there are two other saber ends (and these are the ones that will fit in to Zero’s backpack spot) that come with the figure, one with a pointed end and the other rounded. The rounded one seems to fit better with the overall look of the figure but it’s nice to have the option.

All around the figure is a resounding success and undoubtedly the version of Zero that everyone wanted to see directly from the start. While it has a few issues (potentially iffy QC, looser arms) Type Two Zero is still an excellent entry in to the MMX D-Arts line and if you’re a fan of Zero this is absolutely THE figure to get. Even better is that Bluefin, who handles distribution of Bandai’s products here in the US, has made this figure (along with other releases like the SHF DBZ line and various Robot Damashii figures) VERY easy to get your hands on here in the US via Amazon so you don’t even have to worry about the horrid exchange rate! So stop wasting time and go check it out!

  1. #1 by Z on July 2, 2012 - 03:37

    Yes! This is THE Zero to get! Actually, it’s the only one we Zero fans can get, quality issues be damned. It’s best to pick one up ASAP too since if these figures go out of stock after its “newness” goes away, they won’t be restocked for who knows how long. Sadly, I won’t be able to pick one up until Sept. so I hope stock will hold out until then >_<

    Great write-up, Lupes. Great poses too! I can only name Shipuuga out of all the moves you pulled off ^^;. It's been far too long. I also didn't know Amazon stocks it too so thanks for pointing that out!

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