Robot Damashii Wing Zero [TV. Ver]

Finally! My favorite Gundam of all time gets SOMETHING current to represent it! When this figure got announced I checked all the usual haunts for it until it was finally up for preorder, which I did day one. This is my first Gundam RD though I’m not a stranger to the line as I’ve had the RD Evangelions for quite some time.

The box was a lot slimmer than I was expecting, though it comes jam packed with everything the Wing Zero ought to come with. 3 pairs of hands (closed fist, open fist, splayed) along with two specialized hands (one for a beam saber in the right the right hand and one to recreate the two-handed firing pose), twin buster rifle, piledriver shield, and two beam sabers. The figure also includes a connector for the Tamashii Stage stands, one for the regular MS mode that attaches to the backback and another for Neo Bird mode that plug sin to the rear skirt.

The proportions and paint apps on Wing Zero are out-stand-ing. I love the bits of grey they’ve added through the main body of the kit to break up the white. The only slightly downside is the lack of panel line detail but this isn’t a model kit, so. If it so suits you, you could always add it yourself.

They’ve even kept the weird shoulder opening booster thing! Of course, a lot of people have complained about the lack of the shoulder storage for the beam sabers but honestly it just doesn’t seem to me like they’d fit in there and allow for the Zero’s sleek proportions to be kept. The shoulder gatling guns are part swapped in to place because, again, there simply isn’t room for them to be hidden under the white covers.

Articulation in general is rock solid, with nothing being obstructed by any parts or the like. The limbs all have a great range of motion and the figure is able to faithfully recreate any of the poses from the show without any major issues. The wing binders have a combination of swivel and ball joints and the binders themselves can also open and close all the way for the Neo Bird mode and general posing which helps with the weight distribution.

The twin buster rifle is done really well, with the handles locking in to place when they’re deployed or hidden away. This prevents any kind of ugliness with the handles dropping down or otherwise being loose and flopping about while you’re posing it. Even better is that the joints of the figure are nice and strong so it can hold it in it’s combined form without any sagging whatsoever.

The shield’s pilvedriver gimmick (which was used, what, all of once?) is even here! The shield itself attaches to the arm via a peg that sits on a swing joint to facilitate it moving around for the Neo Bird mode transformation.

Now, this also transforms in to it’s Neo Bird mode (as mentioned plenty of times through the review) and that requires a little parts swapping.

The knees will come off, so pop those off and spin the grey block on the waist around and connect it to the new red lower-torso part of the Wing Zero (it just slides on/off, easy as can be), then flip out the connection points on the shield so the rifles can attach to the sides. I really don’t need to detail the transformation to you since a) it has instructions and b) it’s pretty simple anyway. Some people complain that this method was employed for making it transform but frankly if it wasn’t done this way joints would be either too weak or wear out quickly.

Much like Wing’s bird mode, I didn’t take many pictures. How many of us are honestly going to display it like this? Probably no one but it’s still nice that they kept it in mind for the figure.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking from here.

Absolutely outstanding figure in every possible regard. While it’s my first Gundam figure, I’m no stranger to what makes a good release and this definitely scores high in every possible area. For fans of Gundam Wing (most of the US, I’d wager), this is an absolute must buy. Even better is that there will be more releases from Gundam Wing in to the RD line with the TV designs which have been sorely under-represented in Bandai’s lineup until now. I hope they all sell well so an eventual MG release of these suits comes around, or if nothing else Bandai gives us some HGAC kits.

  1. #1 by Zeon_Two_Six on June 19, 2012 - 19:57

    Here’s to hoping Bandai release the HGAC suits as scheduled…

  2. #2 by Z on June 20, 2012 - 12:23

    I really like the proportions of this unit even if it is a bit on the skinnier side. I bet not the even MG would look this slim when/if it comes out (judging from Epyon). But yea, good to see the Wing TV stuff getting some love for a change.

    And Lupes… Your photo skills sure have improved drastically! The angles, the poses, the quality… d^_^b

  3. #3 by US of Zeon on June 20, 2012 - 15:45

    Actually, the beam sabers in the TV version of Wing Zero are stored in the shoulders, not the wings. :3 Of course a figure has its limits (yes you can have opening shoulders but it’d make the shoulders kinda flimsy with too many moving parts).
    I just hope I can eventually get this figure because it’ll be a while before a TV version of Wing Zero gets a MG model.

  4. #4 by lupes on June 20, 2012 - 16:13

    UoZ: “…have complained about the lack of the shoulder storage for the beam sabers …”

    I’m not quite sure where you’re getting I said they were in the wings, haha. It’s a great figure though and I hope that this figure selling well gives a push to an eventual master grade.

    Z: Thanks! I finally got my hands on a DSLR and that prompted me to stop being a lazy jerkwad and build myself a little lightbox. It’s definitely making a big improvement on taking pictures of figures and models! I even took PGs in to account and made a second one by taping some boxes together, that way when I finish with a secret project I’ll have something to give it a proper photoshoot.

    PS: I still wish I could buy that PG 00 Raiser from you..My friend has a 3D printer that produces excellent quality stuff, so you can bet I’d be having fun with that build.

  5. #5 by Z on June 20, 2012 - 18:29

    One year from now… if you still don’t have one by then, I’ll sell it to you. I am 110% certain that it will still be sitting in the corner of my room by then too xD.

    Which camera you picked up? I could certainly build a setup like yours too. My cardboard backing is just wearing away after every shoot…

  6. #6 by lupes on June 20, 2012 - 21:14

    Sounds like a plan to me, haha. I like working with PG scaled stuff more and more since I’ve been on such a kick with my Wing Zero and working on another one…and I’ve had ideas for the 00 for forever.

    I got a Nikon D5000 with it lense that I honestly forget what it was, because it was sort of given to me. Those cardboard backings work for a temporary fix, but a box, tissue paper and a 10$ bedsheet cut to the right size with scissors results in a much more stable background. The hard part is sizing it right. An ‘average’ box will work with most kits, but I found that making a doublewide/long box (39″ across) will fit anything you throw at it easily. Here’s a picture of the setup I have now:

    It looks a little ghetto, but the results can’t be ignored.

  7. #7 by Rodrigo R. on June 21, 2012 - 20:16

    Wonder if there will be a MG kit of this version of the Wing Zero.

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