S.H. Figuarts Amazing Mighty and Rising Mighty Kuuga

Finally, care of Yokatta Web once more we’ve got the Tamashii Web and Tamashii Features exclusive Kamen Rider Kuuga SH Figuarts, Kuuga in his Rising Mighty and Amazing Mighty forms! It should be noted as well as these two, the standard release Mighty Form is on it’s way down from Canada but since it’s identical in sculpt (except for a few details) to both of these figures I want to do this post first.

While Amazing Mighty has your standard Figuarts box, Rising Mighty comes in the widowless wireframe Kuuga box…which actually looks very nice. Let’s get to the figures individually first.

First up on the plate is Rising Mighty. He makes his explosive debut somewhere around the late 20s episode wise…and I do mean explosive. I’ll leave it at that to avoid potential spoilers to those of you who haven’t seen the show yet (you should get on that though, subs are out there for it now).

The figure itself is really nice, with the glossy red shine really shining. I’ve heard that this extends to other Figuarts with red like Kabuto and Accel but since I don’t own either of them I can’t say. The shine alone is one of my favorite things about this release!

Some up close detail shots, and you can even see my reflection in the chest plate! You’ll see exactly where Rising Mighty varies from the regular Mighty form soon enough but the Mighty Anklet is absent, there’s only one gold ring at the elbow, the markings on the back of his fist (which mean ‘flame’ if I remember rightly) are gone and there’s less gold on the belt and torso as well. The detail such as the Grongi lettering on the torso and anklet are nicely done, I’m sure if you knew Grongi you’d be able to read what it says. In any case, moving along…

This Kuuga has one less pair of hands than the Ultimate Form, but missing the pair of super-splayed hands really isn’t something that hurts this figure. He’s got all of the hands you’d expect Kuuga’s Mighty form to have (actually, Mighty form has an identical set of hands) in addition to the ever-awesome thumbs up hand. Before we get on to any action shots of Rising Mighty though…


Amazing Mighty only showed up for less than an episode total near the very end of the show, but his showing up shows how far Godai went before he resolved to use the Ultimate form. Considering Rising Mighty’s power was insane to begin with and Amazing Mighty at least doubles that…yeah. Zeba is a strong baddie. According to some people this figure is even harder to track down than Rising Mighty and considering the prices on eBay (150$+ for Amazing, 80$ or so for Rising) I’d believe it. Luckily I found mine for about the same price eBay Rising Mighties thanks to YJA and Yokatta. Was it fun? No. Worth it? If you’re a die-hard Kuuga fan like yours truly, yes.

Amazing Mighty has much more traditional SHF packaging. Much like Zeba, he bears the logo of my much hated enemy, the tamashii web shop (as it seems like all the the Figuarts I’d really like to get my hands on are exclusives and thus expensive as hell). Regardless, I got him for Under 90USD which was my ultimate goal and so here he is.

Detail shots for Amazing Mighty, as you can see he’s almost identical to Rising Mighty. The first thing that will probably stick out is the matte finish for his chestpiece which looks very nice and sets it apart from the rest of the Kuuga Figuarts. While Amazing Mighty has a lot of the same details as Rising Mighty the Amazing Mighty figure was the one to debut all of these new changes such as the additional gold on the figure, Mighty Anklets and fist markings. Another obvious difference is the golds themselves which was most likely caused by the gold being put on over black for Amazing and red for Mighty.

This is the area where Amazing has it worst- since he was showing off so many new things on the figure itself the number of hands was really cut back for this guy. While the rage hands are cool, the partially open hands would be better served with the ones that look like his henshin pose, or the thumbs up hand. Either would have been fine but this isn’t a major complaint since it was doing a lot of new things.

A quick comparison with Ultimate form. Ultimate is a tank compared to these guys, being just a little bit taller and a lot more muscle. Really though this isn’t a bad thing though since things are mostly in scale. I actually almost prefer the way Amazing/Rising/Mighty are designed since they can get some bends out of the hips and ankle joints that Ultimate can’t. For example!

“Amazing Assist!”

“Rising Kick!!!”

“Certain kill!”

“Amazing Mighty…”


“They call me ‘Amazing’ for a reason!”

There really isn’t much more to say about the two figures. Are these figures worth the definitely high prices that you’ll have to shell out of them? If you’re a big fan of Kuuga like I am or if you’re the type who feels like they have to complete a series for figures like these then yes. Otherwise, you might as well get the much easier to find and much easier on your wallet Mighty form. While it doesn’t have all the gold trim or fancy markings it’s fundamentally the same as these two figures. Since I’m a giant Kuuga fanboy (no sense trying to hide it now) I felt that I really needed these for the collection, though. So there you have it- great Figuarts aside from the secondhand market prices, though if you’re not as in to Kuuga there are much cheaper alternatives out there.

  1. #1 by Z on September 12, 2010 - 03:05

    Oh god… the names still sound so similar to me that I still can’t match which name to which form without looking! I like the black one better!

    They sure do look awesome though! Nice review ^^.

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