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Going Astray.

Continuing the trend of actually finishing models, the quickly built MG Astray Red/Blue Frame combination now has it’s own page in the completed projects section! I really like the way this kit turned out and even more how quickly it went from start to finish.

We’ve still got a few more models that I’ve finished recently to go up, with the photoshoot for Exousia Astraea finished up and the Zaku trio still waiting for their time in the spotlight.


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The new version of the PG Strike Freedom now has it’s own page! While there isn’t a lot of variety in the poses for this monstrous PG kit, I’m sure you guys will understand since I want to make sure I don’t scratch any of that chromed purple paint!

I’ve got the page for the Hayabusa Astray in the works, as well as an absolutely giant photo review of the Riobot Gurren Lagann which is mostly finished. If I remember to work on it you can probably expect to see pages for both the kit and the figure go up some time this week.

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And these are just the teaser shots! As you can see, my lightbox isn’t big enough to accommodate this beast so I’m going to have to make something more sizable to properly photograph the absolutely gigantic wingspan of this kit. The custom base is still planned out, I haven’t started it yet due to work screwing up my paycheck and missing an entire day of pay. Overall I am MUCH happier with this PG SF build than the original rendition, my attention to detail was much better this time around and that’s reflected in the quality of the paintjob as well as the small touches like the pistons and painted whites. But this isn’t all I’ve been plugging away at in the last few months!

The Hayabusa Astray turned out great! I got a little feedback from some folks that led to some changes in the chrome and gloss black distribution and I think those changes made a good kit turn out even better. The TA turned out really awesome too, despite not painting the handle and other gunmetal bits. Titanium gold and pale gold came together nicely and while the weapon is flashy as hell compared to the rest of the ‘silent’ kit but considering the weapon itself is pretty loud due to it’s size I think it works alright.

Next up is repairing and finishing PG Wing Zero Custom! There’s a few bits I need to replace and I need to rewire the LEDs for the chest and get these rifles all wrapped up. The battery holders I got were too loarge to fit inside the rifles so it’s back to the drawing board for that.

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Sure, I’ll build another Astray.

Still working on a few areas- but more on this kit in a bit.

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