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Changing gears.

We all knew that this was going to happen once this thing got here.

The frame parts are all cut out now, aside from the weapons. We’ll be bringing back something I haven’t done in quote some time with this kit, that being a metallic frame. Gunmetal primary with silver and gold accents. As for the actual colorscheme of the Sazabi, I have a good idea in mind thanks to a good friend of mine (Thanks Sophie!).

But that’s not all I’ve got going on, gunpla wise.

The Banshee’s painting process is all wrapped up and now just needs it’s LEDs and power source installed. Truthfully, this is teh area I knew I would have a pause on because of the cost of doing this part. For now, the kit looks fantastic and I’m really happy with it and I’ll be photoshooting it once my slew of action bases arrives tomorrow. I -will- be getting back to this once I’m done with the Sazabi and a commission build I’ll be taking on after the Saz is done. Aditionally, my Copic Multiliners finally showed up and I’ve begun the process of lining the RG Destiny and RG GP-01 so those can be flat coated and have their photoshoots as well.

More to come on the Sazabi in the next few days.


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Master Grade in (roughly) a day.

Main armor: Phthalo Cyanne Blue mixed with black
Frame: Gray FS36801
Psychoframe: Metallic Gold (#9)
Horn/Collar/Mask: Alclad II pale gold

Awaiting word from the client for what’s to be done about the decals and topcoat before I take Destroy mode pictures so I only have to transform this once. I’m very happy with how it’s turned out though and I’ll be getting down on painting the frame and armor parts of my own FA Unicorn because surprise, I love building the Unicorn. In fact, let’s take a tally of how many times I’ve built it:

  • MG Unicorn Ver. Ka
  • MG Unicorn Ver. KA
  • HGUC Unicorn [Unicorn Mode w/ head display base]
  • HGUC Unicorn [Destroy Mode, Ver. ANA]
  • HGUC Unicorn [Destroy Mode]
  • MG Unicorn [OVA Ver.]
  • MG Full Armor Unicorn Ver. Ka

And after building this Banshee, I’m even more excited to build my own once I’m finished up with my other projects. Speaking of other projects, one astute reader noticed what was in the background of my last update.

It’s going to be bigger and better this time around!

And to top everything off, I got these finalized too:

Time to cement, mask and paint!

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Group photo now!

Due to the marked lack of action around here, Here’s a picture of the ever reliable gunpla shelf (click for high resolution). I think the majority them have a post about them and if they don’t it’s something I’m working on fixing. You can also see that Nu is close to being finished! 🙂 Then it’s just a matter of time until Sword Impulse. Will probably make a WIP post for Nu tomorrow to show most of the construction.

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Oh yeaaaaah!

After ENTIRELY too much time, I’m finally finished with my biggest battle to date. May I present…

The RX-0 Absolution! I started this big recolor project back in APRIL, meaning this model definitely took me the longest to finish. Considering all the work I had to do, it’s no real surprise…

Anyway, while this picture is a distant shot I wanted to showcase everything. Aside from the inner frame of the model the vast majority of this model was meticulously painted and decaled though some parts turned out better than others…overall I’m still very proud of it.

The main body, unequipped. That’s the stand from the Gundam Mk2 (which has yet to even be started), I thought it would look nice for the pictures. I really need to make myself a nice lightbox.

Closer shot of the chest. Yeah, I missed a corner. Fixed it later but I’m out of topcoat and HLJ has it on backorder. :(((( You can also see I didn’t have a decal pushed down all the way, which resulted in that ugly white spot on the arm. I’m not sure what to do about that but I’m sure I’ll think of something.

Boosters! The NT-D mode has plenty of them and loves to show ’em off. Chrome/metallic red. The brightness serves as a nice contrast.

I am now convinced I need a better way to shave down nubs than a hobby knife because I hate hate HATE looking at those ugly ass marks on the gatling guns. Anyway,  these are the primary weapons for this particular mobile suit. There’s another set on the other arm. What can I say, I was always a Heavyarms fan.

The shield clips on to the bit that connects the gatling to the arm, so there was no reason to not put it together. The topcoat betrays me again and I don’t know why. I’m sure it’s my fault, but I think the black/blue/grey come together very well on it.

Full load. I had ‘All-Out Offensive’ in mind with this project. I had originally planned on rigging up a second shoulder mounted bazooka but couldn’t find a suitable epoxy.  It doesn’t matter too much since the arms have so much weight on the already adding more would be a bad idea…it can barely hold the arms up!

Pew pew pew beam magnum. The body is done with flat black, with gunmetal for the ammo pack and chrome for the barrel and rail that slides to drop out the ammo.

Bazooka! Not something you want to be on the recieving end of. You can’t see it, but I painted the missiles flat red and the ammo pack in gunmetal, just like the beam magnum’s.


So, there you have it. My biggest gunpla project to date (and probably ever- I’m not sure if there’s another suit out there that I want to put this much effort in to again), and it’s one I wanted to do since my original Unicorn Gundam. It feels nice to finally do it and get mostly good results out of it! The deals look much better than the stickers and where a lot less of a pain to put on but they did require additional patience since I had to keep getting warm water over and over. Every little bit of extra works just makes the model that much better though, and I’ve always been a believer in that you get out of it what you put in to it. I came away with some good experience from this model and while I’m not sure if I’ll be going this in depth any more I’m sure that painting my kits to cover clip marks (something I never was originally concerned with) is now going to be commonplace.

I’ll probably make an update before I start working on the Gundam Mk2 since I’m trying to avoid getting burnt out but we’ll see what the topic will be! ‘Till next time!

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1,000 hits!

Sure, it was bound to happen eventually..still, it’s nice to see that number over there in the quadruple digits. Just a couple things for now, I don’t have the time for a proper update.

  • Finished RX-78-2 Ver. OYW, review/pictures coming sometime.
  • Started RX-0, torso painted and finished, should be able to get the decals on tomorrow.
  • Planning a 1,000 hits project for more fun.

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RX-78-2 Ver. OYW and…

Taking my sweet time with this one (already on day four of building it), but so far it’s been a pretty pleasant experience. No complicated gimmicks, just the normal Gundam we know and love. The version I got was some PS2 game color version that was mostly muted pastels, which wound up not mattering much since I was planning on painting the kit from the start. Went with a combination of metallic grey/gunmetal/gold leaf/flat black with some chrome for some accent on the boosters. Sadly, the gunmetal I used on the backpack didn’t wind up looking much different from the metallic grey of the chest.

This is where I stopped on day two, day one being the head and chest. I hear a lot of complaints about the legs on the 1.5/OYW versions of the RX-78 but I didn’t think it was that horrible to cut out..only as bad as chopping out the PG red frame’s hands at worst. On a side note, I like how the OYW Gundam has you build the weapons and shield first since by the time I reach the end of the kit I have to really work up the motivation to build the accessories.

Day three. As you can see my workspace is really messy from all the paint but it’s nothing some rubbing alcohol can’t fix up (much like mishaps on the kit). Anyway, Gundam may not have had arms at this point but he wasn’t going to let that stop him from playing with the Hyper Hammer (coolest weapon ever, just FYI). This version of the gundam has tons of panel lines on it, something I like a lot. Really adds to the detail and overall ‘Real Robot’ feel of the kit.

While it looks like I really slacked today, I had to armor and detail the back of the legs before building the arm frames so I did manage to get a little more done than it initally looks like I did. Gundam can now swing his Hyper Hammer merrily about, knocking Zakus and Doms around as he pleases. Something kind of annoying, the handle for the hammer doesn’t have a tab for it so it has a tendency to slide out of the Gundam’s hand if it’s not tilted a bit.

I also got started on my big project! It should have been fairly obvious what I was planning, but here.

With the other kits I’ve painted I’ve done parts of the kit but for the most part left the body alone. With this, I plan on painting the entire kit. Obviously the psychoframe will be metallic blue but I’m still somewhat torn on what color to do the body in. Black is probably really overdone by now (what with the RX-0 Banshee and all), but I’m not sure if metallic grey will do enough to differentiate itself well enough from the normal white version. Regardless of what color I decide to paint it, I managed to get myself a sheet of the waterslide decals and some Mr. Mark setter so I won’t have to stare any any horrible sticker outlines. Along with that, I found some of the Gundam UC volume 4 special editions on ebay (my poor wallet), so I snatched those up as well. Yes, they’ll all be on this model. I have a few other things planned but they’re pretty tenative, so I’ll try not to build anticipation for something that might not happen.

And now for something different. I took this just a bit ago…

The models on this shelf have far more work put in to them than most of the other kits I’ve done (I would dare say that the OYW gundam and Zaku II got more TLC than either of my PG kits, though not more than Sinanju and Unicorn) or are something akin to a milestone in advancing my technique. Ez8 was the first kit I topcoated and weathered, Hi-Nu was the first to recieve panel lining that wasn’t absolutely horrible (Astraea and Dynames really deserve to be redone), Zaku II got heavy weathering and topcoat and was the first model I built how I wanted. 00 got the honor of being the first kit to be handpainted and the still-in the-works RX-78-2 is the first to get a new paintjob entirely. It’s nice to be able to have a timeline to look at for my skill, and I look forward to getting even better with my hobby. After all, everyone wants to improve.

This entry is really starting to drag on, but I’ve been somewhat neglecting the blog this month in terms of WIP content so I wanted to do a big update to kind of throw a lot of stuff out there.

After the UC Custom (I should name it…right?) I kind of want to build a Gundam Mk. II, but use an airbrush and design a real knockout colorscheme instead of just changing the colors of parts. We’ll see, yeah? We’re nearing 1,000 hits, so maybe it’ll be a special project for that.

Long days and pleasant nights!

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Storage space aquired…

Saw it in Staples on the way back from work and figured it would be perfect. Turns out, it is! Now I just have to hope my collection doesn’t continue to grow at such a rapid rate!


(The wooden box is typically where I keep unused weapons/beams/ect)

No Hyaku-Shiki today, so hopefully it arrives Monday. Haven’t received shipping confirmation for the White Unicorn, either.


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