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Katoki Bonanza.

Happy holidays, everyone! It didn’t occur to me til after I almost finished typing this post that I was making it on Christmas Day, oops. Here’s hoping you all have a fun and safe christmas/new year.

The Banshee ver. Ka page is now live even though I haven’t installed LEDs in to it yet. The kit still looks fantastic even though I haven’t put the final touches on it yet so I wanted to get a page up for it.

The Sazabi ver. Ka was coming along very well and I really like how the dark gunmetal and light gunmetal are working on the frame along with the chrome and gold accents. Now, why ‘was’ coming along well instead of ‘is’? I’ve run in to a slight problem care of my town…

My air compressor is down there. The water has since drained and I’ve had it drying out for a few days but I am certain that at the very least, the regulator/moisture trap is definitely shot. If the entire thing is ruined a replacement of the same make and model will only run me 70$. Between my upcoming trip out of state and this, it’s given me a large setback in working on the Sazabi. I’ll be back on the 30th and I’ll likely see what the damage is then and go from there. In the meantime, I’ve been working on the photoshoot for another kit that I finally wrapped up:

But the page for that won’t be up til well after the holidays. ‘Til next time!


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Changing gears.

We all knew that this was going to happen once this thing got here.

The frame parts are all cut out now, aside from the weapons. We’ll be bringing back something I haven’t done in quote some time with this kit, that being a metallic frame. Gunmetal primary with silver and gold accents. As for the actual colorscheme of the Sazabi, I have a good idea in mind thanks to a good friend of mine (Thanks Sophie!).

But that’s not all I’ve got going on, gunpla wise.

The Banshee’s painting process is all wrapped up and now just needs it’s LEDs and power source installed. Truthfully, this is teh area I knew I would have a pause on because of the cost of doing this part. For now, the kit looks fantastic and I’m really happy with it and I’ll be photoshooting it once my slew of action bases arrives tomorrow. I -will- be getting back to this once I’m done with the Sazabi and a commission build I’ll be taking on after the Saz is done. Aditionally, my Copic Multiliners finally showed up and I’ve begun the process of lining the RG Destiny and RG GP-01 so those can be flat coated and have their photoshoots as well.

More to come on the Sazabi in the next few days.

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How about another preview?

I think you guys remember my HG Sazabi work?

He’s almost done. Just some touch ups and gloss coat left to do!

I have to say, for a long time I was set on only working on the MG versions of mobile suits but these last two models have really won me over to the HGUC line.

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WiP- …I need paint.

These are so CLOSE to being done, and I’m stuck waiting on my tamiya web order to come in to finish all three of my projects.

Whining aside, I’m pretty happy with how they’re turning out so far. I think I need to work on Crossbone’s cloak some more, but otherwise it’s dandy. In other news, I’ve been playing with different lighting setups and I think I’ve found something that works pretty well!

Maybe I’ll take another picture sometime to show everyone how ghetto it is..

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The Red Comet is coming!

Amazing what you can get done when you sit down for a bit and focus on getting things done. 😉 Check out the review and chime in with your thoughts on Char’s final mobile suit, the grand Sazabi.

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Gundam Expo stuff

Care of Rob over at American Salaryman, who is updating from his phone like a champ. Thanks a ton!

  • PG 00 Raiser in November
  • Gundam Unicorn OVA, 6 50 minute episodes
  • Unicorn and Destory mode Unicorn HGUCs
  • MG Astray Blue Frame

While the PG 00 news and Unicorn OVA have me pretty excited, not much else so far. I wonder if Bandai will have a preorder bonus again for the 00 Raiser like they did with the PG Red Frame…? I’d prefer if there was an option for the Seven Sword system myself, but who knows. The HGUC Unicorns should be interesting as well, I might pick those up to compare them with the MG counterpart.

In other news, got Sazabi’s pictures taken and the review written up, just need to put the two together so I can be one step closer to being caught up.

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Not dead.

Just trying to take a TON of pictures to showcase this thing and all of the aspects of it, something I didn’t do with the original model. If anyone has some good ideas, I’m more than open to them. In the meantime, have another placeholder teaser picture what’s coming down the pipe.

I’m so far behind…and I’m still working on stuff without regard to the pile of stuff I haven’t reviewed or taken pictures of yet! orz

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