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Let there be light! WIP 2

Time to get back on the path! The waist didn’t take too long to figure out and as such there really isn’t a whole lot to say about it.

It’s a bit tough to see the light while the skirt is closed in this picture but luckily it lends itself a bit better in person.

The light on the front part was pretty easy to get in there and glows nice and bright between the cracks.

I am still mulling over the side skirts. Keeping the lights mounted to the gold parts is probably the most secure way to go about attaching them but I feel like the light is a touch too low. If I attach them a little higher up to the actual green part that will light the area I’d like it to illuminate when it’s opened up with the tradeoff being I don’t know how it will look closed up like that. If I do decide to give that method a shot I’ve already figured out how I’m going to change the way I cut the H6 parts to make it so the lights can be stationary and the rest of the part will have an opening to fit them. Next post will be over the most involved part so far, the legs. I’ll also have the back skirts done up by then too so you’ll see that with it. I just did the math and checked how much it’ll cost to buy all the lights for this build and it came out to 40 chip LEDs and 15 1.8mm ones (because extra is always a good thing, just in case)…totalling just shy of a 105$.

And I want to do this build five more times? There must be something wrong with me.