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Changing gears.

We all knew that this was going to happen once this thing got here.

The frame parts are all cut out now, aside from the weapons. We’ll be bringing back something I haven’t done in quote some time with this kit, that being a metallic frame. Gunmetal primary with silver and gold accents. As for the actual colorscheme of the Sazabi, I have a good idea in mind thanks to a good friend of mine (Thanks Sophie!).

But that’s not all I’ve got going on, gunpla wise.

The Banshee’s painting process is all wrapped up and now just needs it’s LEDs and power source installed. Truthfully, this is teh area I knew I would have a pause on because of the cost of doing this part. For now, the kit looks fantastic and I’m really happy with it and I’ll be photoshooting it once my slew of action bases arrives tomorrow. I -will- be getting back to this once I’m done with the Sazabi and a commission build I’ll be taking on after the Saz is done. Aditionally, my Copic Multiliners finally showed up and I’ve begun the process of lining the RG Destiny and RG GP-01 so those can be flat coated and have their photoshoots as well.

More to come on the Sazabi in the next few days.


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One week later… (AKA The Decal Hell WIP)

And now to flat coat all of these things!

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Busy Busy Busy…

Heavy duty stuff coming your way.

This is on hold until I buy more chip LEDs. I dunno how the hell I fit 1.8mm LEDs in there the first time around which is really frustrating. I’m still painting all of the armor parts and I’m going to have to put some yellow on the inside areas that I can to absorb the light so it doesn’t shine through as much, since painting managed to cut it down a solid degree but it’s still an issue on some areas. At least on this I have the battery/switch problem completely figured out and it won’t be nearly as frustrating as Wing Zero’s rifles. Did I mention that’s on hold too? Yeah, don’t leave your puppy unattended or she’ll run off with one of the small scope bits thinking it’s a tiny treat. That’s alright though, since she learned high five this week.

This isn’t a dog blog though.

D-Arts Full Armor X has a photoshoot all finished up now and I just need to stop being lazy and type it all up. I didn’t take as many pictures of X as I did Zero, just because I feel like there’s only so many you can do with a buster. Then again, I’ve got the other D-Arts releases so I can always use their parts as well…maybe I’m not as done as I thought.

PG Strike Freedom is coming along nicely, I’ve got the whites on the skirt and chest painted now…but seeing as it’s a different build now, it needs a different name…

I suppose all the frustration I’ve been dealing with in regards to painting the white parts is my Atonement for not doing it right the first time around…

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The Ultimate Decal Hell™

Banshee’s page is up!

Since I have a little downtime before my next commission build starts, I got back to work on something that I have the money to finish off now…

Oh boy! Three page marking guides?

My absolute favorite! What’s that? No waterslides?


In other news I also ordered the LEDs to start putting this thing together for real. I still need to paint the armor parts but that’ll be quick and easy if my pace keeps up. Now, I wonder where I’ll hide those batteries…

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Combo is continuing.

More work done. While the knee doesn’t close all the way is as, I plan on sanding down the LED’s bulb some once it goes in to final assembly to ensure that it closes properly since it’s the peg where the B2 and B4 parts come together cause the Knee to not slide back the rest of the way. To facilitate keeping the transformation intact for this area I sanded down the back edge of the green areas (the red line) and the top of the K22 part (yellow line). I also sanded away a fair amount of space on the inside of the B2 and B4 parts to make sure that sliding the part up and down didn’t damage the wires. The wire will be run up through the frame and joined with the wires from the thigh LEDs. From there they’ll go up the back of the back of the model (wires hidden by the rear skirts) and joined with the other wires in the center of the chest. For now I plan on making it so there are only two wires+batteries inside the cockpit, so I’ll have to merge everything elsewhere on the kit, hopefully in the space that opens up just above the Unicorn’s waist when in destroy mode.

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Hi again.

It’s been awhile. Life has been busy, you guys know how it can go sometimes. Seems like things are hitting that point for a lot of us lately (Z, Busterbeam, ASM and myself to name a few) but I’ve had some free time lately to work on more than a few things.

Let’s get down to a few other things first. Robot4Less started their affiliate program, which I joined since their prices aren’t too bad and they have a decent selection of models. There won’t really be any changes to the site, though when new kits get announced I’ll likely plug their preorder page and whatever I’m working on currently will probably be linked at the end of a blog post. Since I do make commissions for whenever someone buys something via my link, that money can go right back towards models and supplies and that’s always a good thing, yeah?

Another idea a few friends of mine and I have be rolling around: Is there any interest in a stream for Gunpla building? It’s fairly easy to set up and while gunpla might not be the most exciting thing in the world to watch it does present a good chance to do one of my favorite things- bounce ideas around and in general talk about gunpla and what people are up to in regards to their own builds. Let me know what you guys think.

NOW, for the real reason everyone is here: Robots. Wing Zero is on hold because surprise, wiring those wings is exactly as frustrating as you’d expect. Combine that with a few other weird problems I’ve run in to (like how to put the LEDs so they don’t shine through the plastic- black paint is out because it’d look horrible when anyone looked at the underside of the wing) and you’ve got me just not wanting to fuss with that kit for awhile. But I’ve been hard at work on something else.

These are primed now, this was the last picture I took of them beforehand though. These alone took a good few days to finish because I’m being so picky about the seam lines. One of the Bazookas still has a seam line on top of it, but I’ll have to either putty it or just let it go because I’ve almost hit the exhaustion point as far as sand, prime, sand, prime, sand prime goes for these things.

With the weapons mostly taken care of for the time being (because pacing is key and I don’t want to burn myself out), I started to work on various parts of the actual mobile suit. The head was easy enough to put an LED in and keep the transformation just fine which was totally expected thanks to the ample amount of room it has in it. The light  bleeding problem will be taken care of when I paint everything and if that doesn’t do it, I’ll switch to a battery with a little less juice.

The legs require a little more creative thinking, something I’m sure the rest of this little project will too. A big part of figuring out how to do this is going to be deciding what parts of the frame are superfluous and cutting them down to make sure the parts can slide around the LED without the wires or anything getting in the way. Here you can see that I carved out a small square of space for the 1.8mm LED to fit (purchased from the ever-reliable modeltrainsoftware). At first that was all I did, but the wires from the LED kept the armor from closing all the way so I had to cut away more of the frame’s part so the wires could move to the inside and not screw the armor’s movement up. The thighs will also have to use two LEDs, one for the front and one for the back, since one LED can’t shine bright enough to light the entire area up.

Again, you can see the light bleeding though the white plastic but it still looks pretty decent as is. The hardest part will be coming up next (the knee) but as I look at it I think I’ve already got a pretty good idea as to how I’m going to handle it. It’ll involve a lot of cutting of both the LED and the wires but you do what you have to do. I’d like to have everything running to one central battery but that may be a bit too much to hope for. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

‘Til next time!

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Little stuff.

The priming section of the new tutorial is up!

I also finished this thing, finally. I need to sand off the overspray on the bottom area since I forgot to mask that area off properly when I sprayed the chest area.

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