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Katoki Bonanza.

Happy holidays, everyone! It didn’t occur to me til after I almost finished typing this post that I was making it on Christmas Day, oops. Here’s hoping you all have a fun and safe christmas/new year.

The Banshee ver. Ka page is now live even though I haven’t installed LEDs in to it yet. The kit still looks fantastic even though I haven’t put the final touches on it yet so I wanted to get a page up for it.

The Sazabi ver. Ka was coming along very well and I really like how the dark gunmetal and light gunmetal are working on the frame along with the chrome and gold accents. Now, why ‘was’ coming along well instead of ‘is’? I’ve run in to a slight problem care of my town…

My air compressor is down there. The water has since drained and I’ve had it drying out for a few days but I am certain that at the very least, the regulator/moisture trap is definitely shot. If the entire thing is ruined a replacement of the same make and model will only run me 70$. Between my upcoming trip out of state and this, it’s given me a large setback in working on the Sazabi. I’ll be back on the 30th and I’ll likely see what the damage is then and go from there. In the meantime, I’ve been working on the photoshoot for another kit that I finally wrapped up:

But the page for that won’t be up til well after the holidays. ‘Til next time!


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When I was starting my build of the Sinanju Stein, I made a quick update on the It’s a Gundaaaam! Facebook page with the V-fin in place, prompting a comment from Syd of the Gaijin-Gunpla fame; ‘You should see what my Stein is getting.’

That sparked a fire. Syd and I got to talking and decided that since we were both at roughly the same point in our builds we would wrap up what we were currently working on and then we’d have a showdown of Steins, each of us customizing our respective units.

As you can see, I’ve already the majority of the frame painted (aside from the backpack frame), and while I’ve painted a few parts yellow I’ve decided to change their color so even that won’t be the same on the final kit.

Digging in to the first of many mods (apologies for reusing the same picture from the last update, but I’ve already taken the backpack apart to paint it up), we’ve got the addition of the Hi-Nu funnel racks on to the Stein’s existing backpack.

Started by cutting a hole in to a section of the backpack armor, low enough so that where it’s mounted it won’t get in the way of shoulders OR ruin the suit’s profile. Maintaining a certain flow of a suit’s design is always an important aspect when doing mods like this and I rather dislike it when people just slap a ton of weapons and/or equipment on a suit. Remember kids- just because you CAN add 0 Raiser wings to something doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

It took a long time to come to a conclusion on how to set up these funnel parts. I wanted to maintain their ability to rotate, spread out and move up and down and to do that I ran through a lot of ideas before I landed on using the hip joints from my old MG Hi-Nu and while it’s sad to use the kit as parts, the recast Vicious Project Hi-Nu parts I got were so deformed that the resin kit is nigh useless. I hacked the L15 part down to size so it had a nice low profile but had enough surface area to still provide a solid area to glue to the inside of the Stein’s backpack part.

I ordered new parts for the actual funnel racks, but for now test fitting with the old Hi-Nu parts does the job. I made a little more room on the inside of the parts so they fit snugly though I think that when it comes time to load the racks up with the funnels I’ll need to either jam a PC part in there (unlikely- there isn’t a lot of room to put the one that works with the hip joint in there) or tighten the joint up more so it doesn’t turn or move unfavorably. So far so good! My parts from Gentei Kits arrived yesterday which had a lot of the other extra weapons that are going to get attached to this kit- but the MG General Revil ReZEL doesn’t drop until this Thursday (supposedly) and that has the parts I need for the final two big mods to this kit. Stay tuned, and keep your eye on Gaijin-Gunpla for what he’s going to do with his own Stein! It’s bound to be amazing!

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More Katoki goodness.

Nu Gundam ver. Ka’s page is live! You can see the full gallery of pictures here. The Zeta Gundam kits just need waverider mode pictures taken and they’ll be good to go and I’ve got another kit that might be getting wrapped up this weekend as well. It’s long overdue for a page of it’s own since I’ve had it since September of 2010!

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You’ll be seeing pages for the following kits soon! I have the photoshoots mostly done for all three pretty much done but still need to put the actual pages together (as well as type my thoughts on the kits).

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Nu Gundam ver. Ka – A miniature review.

Alright, finished building this beast! Now that I’m sure I haven’t lost any parts (as I so often do) and I can see how everything goes together for masking purposes it’s time to take this thing apart and start painting it. Since the kit is new though, I wanted to get a review of the kit up so builders could get a good look at this thing.

The build process for this took about 11 hours, give or take. The kit isn’t as intricate as the MG Unicorn but it’s still a fairly involved build thanks to the psychoframe gimmick they worked in as well as the fact that the Nu Gundam is a huge mobile suit. I won’t spend much time talking about each area individually but for a change I did remember to take pictures of the different areas as I was building instead of storming through the entire thing.

In a change of pace I started building the kit where the manual suggests it. The first thing you’ll notice about this kit (and apparently this has been the trend with the MG AGE kits and Marasai) is that the frame is made of soft polystyrene plastic instead of the usual hard ABS plastic. This is great and I’m hoping this becomes the standard for all Master Grade kits because in general it makes the frame to work on.

The actual construction of the kit isn’t that out of the norm- you guys don’t need me to cover the psychoframe parts and how they get the silver sticker underneath since by now you guys know how that works. What is important is that all the important areas of this kit like the shoulders, arms, legs and waist all have an awesome range of motion and the joints are sturdy enough to hold poses with no trouble. The movement of the joints is smooth and you don’t have to force them at all to get them in to position (something I think we might be able to chalk up to the polystyrene frame) but there’s no sagging or loseness going on here. The only area I had a little trouble with was the waist but that was only with the heavy funnels attached and it’s something that I’m sure a little future floor polish will easily fix.

There are some cool things going on here. I hope hands like this also become standard but given that the Nu is a bigger Gundam I’m not sure this will be a normal thing on more ‘regular’ sized mobile suits. The tabbed hands in addition to the tabbed weapons is really nice from a stability standpoint, the interlocking parts there really ensure that the weapons stay in the kit’s grip (unlike the Sinanju dropping his rifle 24/7). and thanks to the design of the hands in general it holds the beam sabers without using the tabs if you want to go for a reverse grip. The weapons are also really well done, their construction and way the parts are designed resulting in not having any ugly seamlines on the tops (or in the case of the bazooka any at all since they were molded as full cylinders instead of halves). The rifle’s seamlines are hidden by the black piece on top as well, much like the original Nu Gundam MG.

The kit does have a few issues with the Fin Funnels, unfortunately. Gaijin-Gunpla has a good writeup on the issues with them as well as a very nice fix for them, something I intend to do to mine as well since I have the double funnel set ordered through GenteiKits and definitely want them to be sturdy and stable. The chief problem is that they’re too heavy for their own good when it comes to the way they connect together. I have no issues when three or four funnels are attached but by the time you get to six you start to have problems with them staying put comfortably. On top of that, if the kit is on it’s stand they have a habit of curling forward. Syd’s fix takes care of both of these problems but I’ve also found that the K2 part has a way of flexing with all 6 of the funnels on it, giving the funnels a slight tilt on the y-axis. I think this is probably because of the polystyrene plastic as well, and if I can find a solid way to harden the part up I’ll probably do it. It’s extremely nice that the parts for the double funnel configuration (pictured second, just a duplicate of the parts that go on the left side of the backpack) are included with the standard Nu and even more nice that changing out the standard backpack parts for the double funnel parts is painless thanks to the way that everything goes together via hinges.

Even straightbuilt with no extra work, I think this kit looks absolutely fantastic. It has your usual ver. Ka long legs but those have never bugged me. Nu Gundam is here in all of it’s commanding hugeness and it’s packing all the marvels of modern MG-level tech.

The parts pictured in the last shot are all parts that come off when you open the Nu up to expose the psychoframe. As for everything else, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. The stand’s funnel arms are miles better than the Hi-Nu’s funnel arms though I think it is a major downer that to get the effect parts for them you have to buy the expansion set. Nothing on the kit sags after lots of posing despite how easy it is to move the joints and in general how smoothly they move. You can tell Bandai put a lot of work in to this model despite it’s very slight shortcomings in the funnel department and this thing is an absolute must for any UC Gundam fan. Now that this is done, it’s time to get to work on taking it apart and painting it up in Karaba colors! Stay tuned!

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Dear Hajime Katoki,

I know we’ve had our differences due to your extreme love of many tiny markings on your gundam designs but…

I liked the Lancelot’s design the first time I saw it in Code Geass, hell I even planned on getting the RD of it at some point but now I’m glad I haven’t gotten any version of this thing yet. Without a doubt, you’ve got the touch. I’m not even sure if there are any works out there done by you that I don’t absolutely love. Sure, the Victory took some time to grow on me but now that it has I’m pretty fond of it. Seeing this has me VERY excited to see what you’ll do with Gurren Lagann (bigger pictures please).

And you’ve definitely given me inspiration.

Much love (and stop torturing us with decals!),

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