Completed Projects

PG Unicorn Perfectibility – Destroy mode

PG Unicorn Perfectibility – Unicorn mode

MG Banshee ver. Ka

MG Sinanju ver. Ka

4 thoughts on “Completed Projects”

  1. hey lupes.

    i recently applied and interviewed for a position at lowes.

    hopefully, i will be working soon at makin’ money then we can get more serious ’bout that exchange/trade deal =]

    so i gave in and bought a 3rd unicorn ver ka + decals and an HG Eva-01 Rebuild kit…

    yaaaaaah, so i’m gonna have char’s zaku sitting waiting to be panel lined while stupid rx-78 ver ka is waiting to be finished with the torso and weapons. the funny thing is i left rx-78 in that condition then started char’s zaku and it’s 90% now!

    i guess it just shows how much i don’t like ver ka after realizing there was a ver 2.0! damn those catchy limited time sale offers!

    how’s your year so far?

    me, it’s okay. could be better, and i think it is getting better.

    breaking up is harsh… yep.

  2. It’s nice that he did, but holy hell that was just 2 weeks ago that it was posted. The contest ended in NOVEMBER which makes me wonder what on earth took so long?

  3. Seems like he was expecting the participants to find out the winners from AFA.. >__>

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