MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 “Banshee” ver. Ka

It’s not secret how much I love the Unicorn Gundam and by proxy the Banshee. Given that I’ve built 2 ver. Ka Unicorns, an OVA Banshee, the majority of the FA Unicorn, this Banshee ver. Ka and I still have an OVA Unicorn and OVA Banshee in my backlog it’s definitely obvious I have a massive weakness for Katoki’s newest lead Gundam and it’s counterpart.

The build was one of my more intricate things, wiring the whole of the kit to light up and keep the transformation (you know, the entire point of the MG Unicorn kits) working properly. This page will be updated once I install the LEDs in to the kit but for now I really just wanted to get a new page up plus the Banshee looks straight up gorgeous anyway, LEDs or no. You can see all of the LED WIP postsby clicking here so you can see how each area looks lit up though.

I am always torn on how to display Unicorn kits because I’m such a fan of how they look in Unicorn mode. The understated way everything looks is really nice and the special gold ‘ver. Ka’ decals really adds a nice layer of pop to the kit. Both of these things are why I have the OVA/FA Unicorn and OVA/ver. Ka Banshee (and the waterslide ver. Ka decals for all of them)…though I’ll have to get another OVA Unicorn when the inevitable Banshee Norn comes out in Master Grade scale. I’m okay with that.

Of course, once I put the kit in NT-D mode I’m always reminded of how awesome it looks like that. It’s been a very long time since my model shelf has had a Unicorn on it (not since early 2010) and it’s definitely nice to have such a clean build of my favorite suit back up with the things I’ve finished as of late.

Everything about the ver. Ka in Destroy mode looks fantastic and slick. Things can be just slightly picky to work with, like the usual spots on the knees staying put and the torso being less than secure but as I’ve said every time I put a page on a Unicorn model up, the point here isn’t articulation.

In any case I can’t wait to get around to installing the full LED setup in to the frame. You can bet that once get that process underway that there will be a post announcing it.

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