HG Moon Gundam [Commission build]

First off, this kit is really good- there are no stickers here to correct anything and the construction is top notch! That alone makes this a great kit for getting in to gunpla. The build is straightforward (nothing here is going to confuse you, unlike, say, the chest construction of the MG Barbatos. Just me? okay then) and articulation when you’re done is more than adequate for anything you might want to do with it. The included action base means that you’re going to be able to take all kinds of great pictures with it when you’re done and, no lie: the action base that’s included is MILES better than what you might be used to using for HG kits. I know you can buy these bases standalone but IIRC, they can be a little tricky to find in the wild.

While it might have a premium price for a high grade, it’s well worth it considering the quality of the kit. The only gripe I had is that the green detail on the head needed to be painted in. I really wish that had a clear green part instead but at the end of the day this thing is still a high grade kit and I’ve got a fairly steady hand anyway.

The color scheme for this commission is probably my favorite thing about it! It took me awhile to fall in love with it but once everything was painted, lined and put together everything really clicked. The client for this build has a razor sharp eye for detail and phenomenal photoshop skill! With their help, we created what I think is a really striking finished product.

I didn’t even realize how heavy the Unicorn vibe was on this until a follower on twitter suggested doing one in Sinanju colors! It’s an idea you definitely might see implemented later down the line for something like the Varguil. 😉

The one thing I wasn’t super thrilled about with this kit…wasn’t even with the kit itself. My lighting setup is in need of some serious overhaul! I’ve got plenty of supplies already picked out so hopefully within the next month or two the quality of the pictures you see here will greatly improve!

Overall this is a fantastic high grade outing by Bandai and the final build here was something I was really happy with. I think this would be a cool idea to revist with some tweaks too! As much as I love how striking the pink looks…I can’t help but wonder how taking this idea in the opposite direction would look? Keep checking back and maybe we’ll see that idea here some day!

If you like the way this Commission build turned out, feel free to keep an eye on my twitter! It updates with much more frequent bite sized updates and WIP posts for whatever I’m chugging through. Thanks for checking out this build!

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