FM 1/100 BLR WIP 8: Main body!

Twitter followers saw this already but I decided I didn’t want to wait for the new parts to show up.

In theory, it works great! In practice, not so much. The B17…or B25? whichever part the heel is, doesn’t quite have the room to accommodate the bamboo skewer. I tried to make a little extra room so it would fit better but there’s also the issue that the skewer and heel have no way to lock together like the parts proper do. I could probably rig something up that’d do the same thing or just wait a little bit longer.

The clear action base is doing most of the work holding this thing up. I have no idea where the other stand parts are though so there isn’t much I can do beyond this. There’s also a fair amount of detailing left to do on the frame, even though its going to be covered up. Still, I’m really happy with how this looks! I can’t get enough of this thing and really am looking forward to taking pictures of it with it’s weapon. I haven’t really started that part yet because it’s going to be awful(ly cool) to work on but I’m finishing up the Moon Gundam before I get in to anything else that I’m working on. Speaking of that kit, it’s also going great:

Still a ways to go, but with the psycho plates almost done it really feels like I’m just about finished with this kit. The build has been fairly enjoyable with only a few minor parts that I haven’t been overly fond of. Mostly the head, where doing the detail work is a royal pain in the butt. I’d kill for a green piece that goes under the two halves of the head to fill in that green detail but a paintbrush and toothpick will work just…fine.

Been focusing on the Moon a lot and I’m excited to finish up the legs…hopefully next weekend? The remainder of the waist parts, backpack and head parts only need a little more work and then it’s just the beam rifle and feet left to paint for this kit. Look forward to the next update where this thing will be standing on it’s own!

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