FM 1/100 BLR WIP 5: im a liar

Remember when I said I wasn’t going to do much about the too-dark shading on the left arm and waist?

Turns out I’m not actually okay with leaving something looking sub-standard which means I sucked it up and re-did these. It was actually super easy after realizing what I did wrong the first time. I took the base ghost grey and went over the whole part again lightly, mixed up and thinned more of the shading color and made sure to just make one light pass. Perfect! Much happier with all of these parts now. Gonna give them their panel line wash and semi-gloss topcoat tonight.

Test fit the legs and backpack together so I can figure out how I’m going to approach what’s left! For starters, I’m going to create some space on the upper thighs between the two armor halves so the frame shows through more.

I want to do something extra with the knee booster/armor section as well as the top of the knee but don’t know what exactly that would be yet, aside from adding an edge to give the parts a little more depth. The entire shin/knee armor is all one part there so with the way I’m looking at the kit right now my options are limited.

The backpack/tail blade holder is going to be nice and straightforward, just some seam line removal and then some masking to give the part a little more color so it pops and goes with the rest of the suit.

With any luck I’ll have something to show for this after this weekend! There’s still a long way to go with these parts now since they haven’t been touched at all so far.

Til next time!

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